Tuesday, 6 May 2014

HuRTS 4x10 minutes

Good crowd with all the Sydney 10 runners in attendance. Had to laugh when Tom turned up in a fleecy top still trying to garner sympathy for a supposed cold despite his near PB on Saturday.

Felt surprisingly good after last nights effort and an early surf for Ali's birthday this morning.

Went out pretty fast on Mike Conway's train and held onto them until the MMC stairs where I dropped off a bit. Managed 2.53k which I was very pleased with given the undulating course. The return leg was much harder as the hills felt longer (which they were) and I only just made it back. Ran a bit easier on the third rep but built into in nicely overtaking plenty of people along the way. Fell a bit short at 2.42k but an honest effort. Chatted to Cam Malone on the final leg but made it back with a second to spare.

9.9k in 40 mins 4:02 average

12.5k all up.

1 comment:

Tom said...

"Supposed cold"?! I ought to show you the content of my tissues.
Don't read that the wrong way.