Sunday, 8 December 2013

3 points challenge 2013

My annual event. Long enough to be tough but short enough to be fun and social. Big crowd including Barts, Charlie Low, Joe, Mr Biggs, Nate, Dr Skins, Glenn and Georgie and Will Main.

Alec turned 12 this year which was the minimum age for this race so we turned up with his mates Lachie and Ryan at North Curly to the sight of  just massive swell - an amazing transformation from yesterday which was flat as a pancake. Unfortunately it was so big that they had cancelled the ocean swim altogether and the 3 points was being modified into a run to Freshwater with a short 300m swim there. Bit of a shame but understandable. Certainly helped the runners.

Went off in the old mans wave 7 after watching the boys go off with the elite wave. Alec's friend Lachie is a national cross country runner and was pushing them at a good pace early.

Wave 7 getting ready
My first modelling Job for OUTOF10

Started with a barefoot 300m beach run up to transition in the car park to put on the shoes and run the cross country course to S curly. Started catching earlier waves early which is irritating in the narrow single track. It soon opens up though and I was passing people all race. Picked up the pace when we hit the footpath into freshwater. The swim was pretty tough as you had to swim out the along the beach with large waves of white water hitting you every 15 seconds so it was swim, dive, swim, dive and I found myself fighting for breath. Managed to catch a good wave into the beach and found myself in transition with Glenn. He wasn't amused:)

On the stairs down to the boardwalk I caught Alec. He had been sick all week and had a really bad stitch which just would not go away. He was pretty upset given the pain and that he was being beaten by lach and Ryan. I stopped and walked with him to see if he was alright and lost at least a minute before I was satisfied I could continue. Such a shame for Alec but also for me since I was hot on Glenn's heals at the time.

Ran 900m from S Curly on the soft sand which really hurt but again I was passing people the entire way.

Finishing leg

I ran back to catch Alec immediately after finishing and found him walking halfway back down the beach. It took lots of guts for him to finish with that stitch especially since he had felt it from the first transition.

Finished in 33:28 77th overall and 14 th in my age group. Glenn finished 1.5 minutes in front. Top 50 and 5 th so the Alec stop cost me a fair bit.

Results are here


Tom said...

Notice that my Parkrun nemesis was 2nd.
Barts must be as bad a swimmer as me.

Charlie said...

Barts would agree with you Tom. The swim was tough. Just trying to reach the cans was a challenge in the surf.