Thursday, 13 April 2017

Cremorne Point/Mosman Bay

Joined Hoey for a steady run out to Cremorne Point. Mixed it up my running all the way to Mosman Bay rather than turn left up the Spofforth St stairs. Ran through the park and then took the back stairs back up to Royalist Rd. Things got interesting when we were headig down Clarke Rd Hoey was on the wrong side of the street so I took the stairs down to Anderson Park while Hoey ran the road around. With a head start I ran like the rabbit pushing hard all the way up to Milson's Point and across the Bridge breaking all my Strava segment PB's along the way. Sometimes it feels so much better pushing the pace than slogging. HR was still up at 147 when I ran the stairs off the Bridge and I kept it elevated all the way to Grosvenor St running close to 4 min ks.

13k in just over an hour.

Easter Special

Another big stair set over at Woolloomooloo. Felt ordinary on the warm-up but then started to feel better as we went. long run was 2 sets of each of  PP, Cliff and Butler. Bombshell was a run from the Wall of Death up to the Cliff stairs, back up the PP stairs and then down to dog-shit park to eat an Easter egg while doing pushups. By far the hardest thing I have ever done. Felt like I was suffocating.

Ran a slightly longer way home to get up to 9k.

Monday, 10 April 2017

St Mary's Warrior

Cold today with the first taste of winter. Makes running easier however and you can push harder on the intervals. Mixed up my efforts and pushed when I felt good and backed off others to recover. Still felt like i worked hard. Big group with plenty of banter. Four figure 8s was tough as was the 250 alternating crunches and leg raises.

HR averaged 128 and peaked at 168.

Manly Dam with Skins

Jogged over to Skins' house and we drove up to the water treatment plant. Did the full loop of the Dam finishing back at the car after running over the wall.

Pretty easy effort given Skins is in Beefcake mode and hasn't been doing any cardio at all. I was still impressed how well he hung in there.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Out and Back with VB

Only Ness and I today from the Splitters. Ran into Mark and a couple of his mates Andrew and Ashley for an out and back around the Opera House, MMC, up to Hyde Park and back. Fantastic sunny autumn day. Great catching up with VB after ages.

11k in 57mins

Monkey Bars and Jog

Up to Observatory Hill for the monkey bars. Managed just 10,7,8 chin-ups which felt hard. Bunch of other stuff. Always feel good afterwards. Ran down to the wharves afterwards and ran all the way to Barangaroo and home.

5.4k of running.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Balls Head

Ran a pretty solid effort with Hoey out to Balls Head. Did the maximum off road route including the extended trail around BH and even through the Coal Loader tunnel which was a first for me after running around Balls Head for 25 years.

5:08 average pace is very solid for that run given very steep hills, stairs and bush terrain.

13.5k in 1:09