Friday, 29 April 2016

Easy Friday

Chugged around McMahon's Point with PJ, Damo and Joe. Wasn't feeling super strong, happy with the easy pace.

11k in 1:01

Had a cracking start to the day meeting Sandy Isherwood and 10 or so other fund managers for a surf with 3 world champion surfers in Barton Lynch, Tom Carroll and Damian Hardman. Managed to get a few waves which was a relief. BL gave me a few tips which I'll have to work on.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

St Mary's Warrior

Tired today after tennis last night (6-0 6-4 to Hec and I) so I started out very easy on the first run. Got plenty of stick from the boys. Ran just behind the Tank on the 3 figure 8s which gave me some credibility back. Generally dragged my butt around all session. Perfect autumn day.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

HuRTS 2x20 mins

Was feeling a bit flat today and 4:20 pace felt hard. Ran with TKS, Sonja and Corky most of the time and found the entire session to be a challenge even though we were running within a reasonable range. A fair bit of traffic plus the slow leg to the left up the stairs after MMC made it more difficult.

4.7k (outside Hyatt) in the first 20mins (4:15s) was tough and I wondered if I'd make it back. 4:04 being our quickest K followed by a 4:23 made me wonder if my watch was working properly. I felt I was running faster.

The way back was a slog as I tried to hold TKS but he pulled away up the steep hill after Farm Cove.

Just tried to maintain a good tempo after that. The hills back killed me but I still found enough at the end to sprint past Sam to the pillars.

Got to the end 17s over time 4:19 pace for 9.4k in 20:17 - 4:17 average

11.8k all up.

Canberra - Bruce Hall Reunion

Down to Canberra on Saturday for my Bruce Hall Reunion. Caught up with a few at the sailing club for lunch before doing a nostalgic run from Uni House down to the lake and along the path towards Black Mountain Peninsula. Passed the old log toilet blocks and kept on to Scivener Dam. Amazing how this run has not changed in 30 years. I loved it. Legs felt fresh and I just wanted to keep running. On the way back I ran up Clunnies Ross St to Bruce Hall and walked through South Quad and some of the other areas before jogging down Uni Ave checking my old lecture halls and other facilities. Some things haven't changed while whole new buildings have sprung up.

14.1k in 1:08 - 4:50 pace.

Reunion was brilliant. It was held at Bruce Hall and it was an incredible 30 year rewind when everyone was dancing to Violent Femmes and It literally felt like 1986 all over again.

8 x 800m

Tuesday Ben had me up for a run around a local footy field. Roughly 1.2k jog warm-up followed by 8x800m off rolling 5 mins. Soft, wet, lumpy surface didn't make for fast running but we ran as hard as we could nonetheless. Ben had his programmed in for 800m but he waited for it to vibrate so we ran long on every rep I reckon. I measured it 811-835

Times went: 3:06 - 811m (3:50 pace), 3:09 - 828m (3:49), 3:11 - 835 (3:48), 3:09 - 821 (350), 3:08 - 812 (3:52), 3:07 - 815 (349), 3:10 - 820 (3:52), 3:03 - 812 (3:45)

Very consistent - trailed Ben by 10m or so each rep. He always went out a bit quicker but then I held him. Out sprinted him on the last just to be a dick.

11k all up.

Pretty stuffed the rest of the week with 5-7 hours of surfing every day. Great weather, water was 25 degrees and surf was 3-4 foot for the first 3 days. Great week.

Crescent Head

Up at Crescent head for a week with seemingly all of Manly. Ran with Ben S on Sunday 17th up over Nobby's Head and up to the water station and back via the back beach. Not far but some big hills to wake me up.

8k in 47 mins.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Friday Splitters

Big group today with Bruce L, Renee and Hoey joining Damo, Dr Skins, Ruadhan, Joe and myself. Pace seemed to pickup suddenly when Skins and Damo heard about Hoey's marathon time. Funny that.

I was feeling a bit off in the back end today after doing the Spofforth St hill (no short cuts today. Even did the out and back) but it was a gorgeous day with perfect conditions.

13k all up in 1:10.