Friday, 24 July 2015

Macmahons Point

Very easy hit out with Joe, Ness, Keith, Damo and Oli. Ran around Blue's Point and up BPR to the back way to Union St on the western side. Ness dropped the F bomb running the hill up to Union St when she saw the hill kept going. Achilles felt good until the downhill on the Bridge coming home. 11k in an hour or so.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Corporate Cup + Warrior

Ran pretty easy with my Achilles playing up (tennis last night did not help one bit). Started with a 5 min k but then picked it up to sub 4:30s for the remainder of the journey which was much faster than I thought. Finished in 27:27 which is 4:35 average but was running 4:17 the last 2 ks. Turned up to Warrior for what turned out to be the biggest running session ever over at Rushcutters. Punched out another 7k including some stairs. 15k all up in 2 hours.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

HuRTS 8x5mins

Would have been a stupid idea to do this fully with my Achilles still not 100% so I ran easy and did 4 with a jog down and back. Made it to 1.15k on the way out and 1.2k on the third outward leg running with Jono and Biggsy. Pretty happy with how I felt but the Achilles was complaining a bit at the end. Gorgeous day and a big turnout. 7.5k all up.

Monday, 20 July 2015

St Marys

Warrior session at St Marys. Smallish group but a solid session. Achilles still not 100% but as good as could be expected. I pushed the pace a couple of times so it will be interesting how it pulls up. Big news was Sonja turning up for her Warrior debut(Timmy will start coming next). Absolutely smashed it too.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Super Circuit

Achilles pulled up okay today but happy to get out and do the super circuit instead of running. Great turnout with PJ, Dr Skins, Nate, Joey, and all the new hard core regulars. Session was at the wet weather venue of the kids playground at Beare Park which was perfectly out of the wind and offering some of the best views in Sydney. No more than 10 degrees and with a freezing wind it was hard to get a sweat going, but these sessions are more about strength and with 4 circuits of 11 exercises no one was feeling the cold.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Stair Master

Jogged over to Woolloomooloo and ran 3 sets of the PP stairs, 3 sets of the cliff stairs, 3 sets of Butler, 3 more of the Cliff, 3 of the PP, 3 Butler and finished with 2 on the PP just to make it 20 sets. Felt pretty good. Managed to run most as double stairs (5 or so were singles) which reflects that I was doing single stairs on the way down, to protect my Achilles, so I was fairly well recovered each time. The whole routine took me 39 mins including the running between different flights.

1 hour of work including the jog over and back for a measly 6.5k all up.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Easy Warrior

Warrior session without the big run sections. Worked the stairs and the UBMs/abs etc. but avoided the longer run sections. Achilles actually felt better by the end. Will see how it pulls up tonight.
I may target stair sessions for the next week or so.