Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mikey's last stand - 7x400m + 3k tempo

Big turnout for Mike Conway's last session before he moves up to Byron. Nice cool overcast conditions for speed work.

400's are fun because they are over so quickly. Gary Garmin says Timmys course was 10-20m long but who cares.

Ran with mike's Group 2 which was targeting 75-85s and rolling 2:15s

Reps went 88, 83, 83, 82, 80, 80, 79 - (3:10 pace)

Could have pushed harder on the final one but wanted to run the 3k.

3k was interesting because everyone ran off like they were still doing 400s and I was out the back pretty quickly feeling slow. Conway claimed to be targeting 4mins/k but was clearly much quicker.

I spent the first 2k trying not to lose contact with Elle and Jacquie O who both went out really fast.

4:05 for the first K was a bit slow. 4:01 for K2 was better. Started to feel good on the last K  and ran past a couple of guys, and then catching Elle with 500 to go, trading places with Lewis but pulling in front with 400 to go. Picked it up from the final turn, catching Jac and her pacer Jeet just after the bridge finishing just in front of Lewis in 3:48 final k giving 11:54 for the 3k.

Photos and speeches followed then a long cool down run with MC, Hoey, Greg and Handy for 15k all up.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Run Home

Ran home alone for the first time since it got dark. Wore my HR monitor for a change and still get blown away by how hard I work at low HR levels. Averaged 125bpm for the run. The first 2k averaged 150+ while the next 14k didn't get above 130 despite the hills. Running down Parriwi it fell to an average of 114.

City to wharf and then home.

16k in 1:33 - 5:49 average.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Warrior Tombstones

Feeling very ordinary after a weekend away at Treachery with the boys. The surf was 6-7 foot and I took an absolute belting at Boomerang on Saturday leaving me pretty stuffed the rest of the weekend.

Started very slow today. My left knee was complaining so I had to shake and stretch my ITB to get it cooperating. Felt pretty tired early but then started to find some mojo on the first longish interval. Ran well on the big stair set - start from the bus stop up to the pylon stairs - 6 sets, finishing at the bottom. Came 4th behind the Tank, Shawn and a rookette who was smashing the up section.

Big day for UBMs and abbs too with a big decline, incline, dip, leg raise set repeated.

Mikey Brown was pretty wreaked by the end.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Alec Surfing

Taking a leaf out of Sammy's book and posting some photos of my 14 yo boy Alec surfing at Manly a week or so ago. He has a school mate who is very keen on his photography.

Bottom Turn


Give me another

Drop in


Lining up
Hugging the shade

Where would you rather be?

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

MLR - Centennial

Tom, Champ, PW, BW, Hoey, Eoin, Christian and a few others for a run past the Navy base, Rushcutter's, Ocean St, Centennial, back via Oxford St.

Steady pace but fairly hilly. Felt okay at best.

14k in 1:13.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Warrior - St Mary's

Recovery session of sorts. Found myself pushing it occasionally but mostly ran easy. Left knee started killing me after some squat jumps but I sorted it out after stretching.
Mike a young guy in out office - a bit of a gun sprinter - made his d├ębut and found it really tough.

SMH Half - 93:45

Fun day, no pressure, lots of good company and beautiful day made for great experience. Prep had been awful so a training pace run was my best chance of finishing but I was going to have some fun at the start.
Got a lift in with the Jordans along with Ben S and Elle and dropped in to Tom's office to leave our stuff.

Glesso, CT, ??, Brucie, Champ, Me, TKS,Gus, Hoey, Toby, Timmy, Biggsy, ??,??,??
Elle, Jaquie O, LJ, Hamish, Jerome

Picked up my bib from LJ on the way down to the start. I was running with the name "James" across my bib - the great advantage being I could stand on the front line at the start rubbing shoulders with the likes of Shelley, Summers, Ingram and Ho.

Gun goes and I just take off out of the blocks hoping to get onto Macquarie St somewhere in the front group. The Half as it turns out is nothing like the City2Surf and I was the only one sprinting off the front. My lead lasted for all of 200m before sanity prevailed and I slowed with 20.9k still to run, relinquishing my lead to Shelley et al. The fun was over and I had to watch pretty much everyone I knew in the race pass me over the next 6k which was demotivating to say the least.

Olympian Shelley chasing me down
I did outperform my expectations over the rest of the race. Got to 10.5k in 45 dead which was way faster than I was planning. I didn't wear a watch so I literally had no idea where I was. The 90 minute pacer caught me soon after so that made sense. The pacer floated off into the distance and I wasn't in the right mental state to keep up. "This is a training run right?" Found the whole overpass, Hickson Rd, Rocks section a drag and was floundering badly. Things bottomed running up onto the Bridge when I actually walked a bit. I guy tells me I only have 5k to go and Jacquie O passes me right at that moment so I pull myself together and get running again.

Running up Macquarie I'm feeling better and hit the turn to AGR inspired by Jeet and Bruce finishing in 78 odd. I have completely lost all sense of pace and figure I am looking at a 98 minute finish at the speed I am running. With 3k to go I'm actually feeling solid and start overtaking a few runners for the first time all race. Was surprised to catch Elle running past the Art Gallery  but then remembered she was injured. We ran shoulder to shoulder for the final 400m pushing the pace a little. When we turned the corner I was amazed to see 93xx on the clock and was very happy to finish in 93:45. Okay my slowest half in memory but a very solid effort given my prep.

Had time for a quick coffee and B&E roll with the Manly crew before taking Harry off to AFL.