Thursday, 30 March 2017

Hybrid session

Jogged with Hoey and the HuRTS crew over to Rushcutters on a warm, rainy day. Managed to do one 400 interval before slipping over backwards and smacking my head on the ground. Glad it wasn't concrete!

Ditched the 400s and went to the monkey bars and did some chins, pushups, glute bridges, planks, pull-ups, curtsy squats and then jogged back with EG, LJ and Hoey.

7.6k in 1:07

Centennial with Hoey March 28th

"easy" run with Hoey up to Centennial via Hyde Park and Oxford St. HR was elevated on the way back despite the downhills and I really struggled to get it to come down at the lights. I may have been dehydrated after tennis last night.

Ran ok and felt fine, just became too obsessed with the HR. Too slow for Hoey.

13.8k in 1:10

Monday Warrior March 27

Another massive Warrior stair set up on the Cahill. Very humid again and the HR was elevated beyond what an old man like me should get it to.

Treadmill March 24

Stuffed again after another big day and late night at "the G" watching Richmond beat Carlton. Had some time to kill before going over to Micko's place to stay and managed to get a key to the hotel gym.

Ran 5.3k on the treadmill averaging 4:22 but I managed 1k at 4min pace, 1k at 3:45 pace and even 1k at 3:30 pace.

After that I did a bunch of strength work in the gym before having a shower and sitting in the most amazing massage chair for at least 45 minutes. Pure heaven.


Out with Hoey for my favourite run down the Yarra. We were both stuffed after a really early start (4am) and a huge day of meetings in Melbourne and thought 6-8k would be the limit. Ended up running over 13 as we got carried away enjoying the riverside. Ran as far as St Georges rd before crossing to the northern side and running back. Sat comfortably on sub 5min ks and even pushed to 4:30s on the way back.

13.1k in 1:04

More strength 21 March

Managed to run up to Observatory hill via Kent St and Watson rd. Found the chin ups comparatively easy managing 10, 9 and 8 which is a big improvement on my 6, 5 & 4 I was doing a couple of months ago. Lots of good glute strength stuff too. Jogged back via Watson and Kent too.

Warrior stairs 20 March

Over to Wolloomooloo on a stinker of a day humidity wise. After the warm-up intervals we did the big run from the Art Gallery over to the Butler Stairs for 3 sets + 25 pushups, down to the Cliff Stairs for 3 sets + 20 pushups and ending with 3 sets of the PP stairs. HR hit 184 at one stage. Another shorter stair interval and ten over to the wharf for some running pushup intervals and a couple of loops of the Apartment block. I was destroyed by the end.