Thursday, 16 October 2014

Easy does it

No strength today as I went surfing with Alec instead.

Luch was an easy run with MhO around Darling Point, down to Double Bay and back. Ran to Rushcutters with HuRTs and then ran back with them. Still felt a bit flat and happy with just knocking out 9k.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day

Legs felt heavy, gut was playing up, wind was blowing a gale, I was feeling depressed being nominated for the Serg award and frankly I don't like doing Corporate Cup. Wanted to get my legs and head in the right space with a 4k warm-up around the Opera House, Farm Cove and Art Gallery Rd. Was told by some dick that I was running off course - no doubt some busy-body will report me for it even though I hadn't started running yet. Now I really had the shits.

Started off with the feeling that I still had my morning toast in my gut. AM-B flew off leaving me standing still. Saw the HuRTS guys and was sincerely wishing I was running with them.
The toast feeling stayed with me until the stairs by which time I was running very slowly and I had no chance of doing better than 1 point. I did start to feel better though and I ran the final 2.5k pretty well overtaking heaps of people.

Finished with 25:40 or so (I'll have to wait for official results) which was very disappointing.

Had shocking stomach cramps soon after finishing which put paid to any idea I had of joining HuRTS at King St Wharf.

11.5k all up.

My favourite book as a kid was Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day. I may be having one of those.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Running in the rain

Burkey made the call before lunch to run home and it seemed like a good idea. Started out in relative calmness but then bucketed down at the top of Pirawi in Mosman. It was great fun! Absolutely pouring and we were drenched in seconds. It didn't take long before we saw no point on dodging those big puddles anymore and we splashed right into them. Had the hilarious experience I always joke with my kids about where a bus drove past down at the Spit and hit a huge puddle that sent a wave of water completely over my head. The bus passengers must have been pissing themselves.

A bit of lightning about Balgowlah Heights made things a bit tense but we manfully ran on regardless. Burkey was pushing the pace as he sometimes does. I remarked he is like a racehorse that always has to sit a head or so in front of his rivals. He said he didn't want me to miss any of the clever and insightful comments he would be making on the journey.

Picked up my bike at the wharf and started to freeze riding home. The hot outdoor shower at home has never felt so good.

15k all up in 1:18

Such a fun experience.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Good Ol' Boys

....and Gals

Reverse Cremorne point route was enthusiastically adopted by the crew of Jesse, Damo, Dr Skins, Joe, A-MB and Ness. Very easy pace and much chatter about nothing in particular.

12.5k in 65 mins.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Manly Strength

Just Iain and I today. Michael Hanavan turned up but decided women's yoga was more appealing(who can blame him?). Usual warm-up and then Phase 1 was side lifts (10 each side), 5 point hopping (which burned like hell) x 6 and high leg lifts (10 each side) all x 3. Phase 2 was the weighted lunges (10 each side), 800m run and 2 minutes of curtsey lunges all x 3. Some abs and stretching to warm down but was pretty wobbly at the end. Beautiful spring morning. No surf though.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Small group of Mr Ace, MC, JW and Kev for the Pyrmont Wharves MLR. Everyone was happy to take it easy so we ran a very pleasant 4:35-4:50 pace the entire way. Hadn't seen Mr Ace for ages so it was great to see him back. Temperature was low 20s with a cool southerly blowing. Very surprised how good I felt. Maybe yesterday was the beginning of the end.

18k in 1:25 - 4:47 average

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

HuRTS 45 minute progressive tempo

After a long weekend of surfing and golf I thought I would be fresh enough to have a good crack today. It was hot at 28 degrees but, even so, I thought I could go fairly hard. Started too fast running with Jonno and a couple of others doing 4:25 pace which we maintained all the way to the bridge - 5.25k at 23:15. When you start too fast you then feel under pressure from the turn to pick up the pace fairly significantly. I put in a couple of 4:09s despite a strong headwind but then by midway through Farm Cove I was cooking and pulled to the side in the shade to stop. Looking at my watch I was running 3:50 pace. I was surprised when Barts called out - he was right behind me and then Tom and a huge pack ran past. Normally those guys don't start going past until the pool. That was strange??? I jumped back into the run after 20 odd seconds (I measured 4:16 for that K) and just knuckled down. Unsurprisingly I was 42 seconds over on the way back for 10.5k in 45:42 - 4:21 average. Disappointing but a fair reflection of my fitness.

13k with warm-up and cool-down.

Harry stars in this Samsung Video:

Great video from Sally Fitzgibbons on running: