Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Warrior Stairs

As humid as possible with rain and thick heavy air. When the rain stopped the sweat came thick and fast. Legs felt heavy initially but came back a third of the way into the workout. Tough 10 minutes of continuous stair the highlight. I probably did 9 sets but I lost count. Frank-the-Tank and Luke were miles ahead today.

Felt great afterwards.

Monday, 23 February 2015

HuRTS Monday

Tiny group of  Tom, Mike D, Jacquie, JW (back from injury), Handy, and two other guys whose names I should know. Pace was pretty good from the start and it was hot and humid so I was always going to struggle. Stayed with the boys all the way past the passenger terminal on the way back and then started to drop off a bit when the pace got noticeably faster. JW pulled at CQ and I ran alone around the Opera House where the water was too tempting so I jumped in for a swim before jogging back.

13.5k all up @4:30 average.

Tennis: Hec and I were soundly beaten by Vish and Moore 6-4 6-2. My serve went to hell as it is want to do on occasions and that was the difference really. So muggy that we pulled stumps at 9:30 to rehydrate.

Harry had an operation to clear his nasal passages yesterday. Always scary when your kids go under a general but he is fine and ate a stack of roast lamb and baked potatoes when he got home.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Friday run home

Long week with too much work and lunches. Felt great tonight running so took the longer route via Cremorne Point. Thought it would be 18k but only turned out to be 16 in 1:22 - 5:12 average. Nevertheless it was a great hit out at the end of the week. Felt strong and time just flew.

Finished with a few beers at MWH with Tom, Charlie B and Wayne. Maybe not the best recovery.

Played tennis Wednesday night. Lost in straight sets but the competitive edge was a little off.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

HuRTS 4x10 mins

My least favourite session but the one I do the most often it seems. Tom sending us down to the waters edge made it all uphill on the return leg. I usually set 4 mins/k as a benchmark level and fell well short of that today. Could not get going after the first set with the conditions and yesterday's effort affecting me. Good to see Dom back although he struggled worse than me. I have no idea what Mike Durante was doing but he was running with me too.

Reps went

2.46 (4:04), 2.36 (4:14), 2.37 (4:13), 2.28 (4:23)

9.5k in 40 mins - 4:13 average

At least I finished this week.

12k all up.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Warrior Stairs

Stair sets up and around the Cahill. A number of repeats of the horribly steep and uneven CQ stairs and the ones connecting Macquarie St to the Cahill. 5 loops of the tombstone's path and hill. Shock time trial from the bus stop, up to the Bridge pillar, 5 sets of stairs and back to the bus stop - 11:04 and 4th overall. Finished with another 3 sets of CQ and 4 sets of MC. Pretty wrecked by the end.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Balls Head

Big crew of PJ, Joe, Ness, Damo, Devi, Cam and Jesse(back from 2 months in Utah skiing). PJ and Jesse were feeling unfit and we put in the slowest run ever around Balls Head. Cam and I were chatting away taking it very easy and stopping every 3 k to let everyone catch up. My Garmin said the pace was 5:40s but I turned it off when we stopped so the actual pace was well over 6mins/k.

Good to see Jesse can get fat after all.

11.3k in 1:04.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Mt Fuji

Scenic cycle recovery (Tom at SC would hate to hear that). Slightly boring road ride with some glimpses of Mt Fuji. Mostly snow and trees on the road. Kathleen definitely a step up as an instructor. Time just flew by.