Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Half Baked

I try to do a long run these days and it ends up half baked. left a bit early on a rare sunny 27 degree day and clocked up 4k running from CQ to the Art Gallery where I ran into HuRTS. Turned and ran with them until Hickson Rd, chatting to everyone as they ran by, and then continued on alone to run the wharves at Pyrmont. I've become hopeless at running by myself I've decided because my pace dropped dramatically and I was feeling yesterdays effort in my legs. Stopped for a drink twice, which was unnecessary, and just talked myself out of doing a long effort.

Ended up with exactly 18k in 1:28 - 4:50 average. 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Warrior Stairs

Patrick birthday special. Over to the Cahill for a long run up to the Bridge and 3 sets of stairs with 10 pushups between them, then down to the Cumberland Stairs -3 sets and 10 pushups all x 3 - 18 sets of stairs all up finishing at the bus stop. Finished behind Frankie, Glenn, Paul and 2 DNC. A stack of step-ups waiting for everyone to finish then 3x 30 inclines, dips and pushups. Ran down to the Tombstones for 3 loops of the hill. 50 declines back at the bus stop and then 50 leg raises. Run down to CQ stairs for 3 reps. Finished at Tombstones. 100 abs to finish.

Pretty smashed by the end.

Great weekend with Alec surfing down at Bendalong and Culburra. Slept in the back of the car and ate out every meal, what could be better? Well the latest Avengers movie was great too.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Sayulita - Scenic Cycle

Beautiful sunny day for riding in Mexico (drizzling in Sydney). Pity it wasn't a virtual surfing session as Tom tells me the break in Sayulita is terrific. Was tired from yesterday so I didn't trash myself but I didn't want to completely waste my time either. Actually felt better after the ride than before which is a good sign.

Finally signed up for the SMH Half yesterday and was shocked to be offered a preferred start on the back of my 55:33 C2S. It is the first preferred start I have ever had (and may be the last). I have just put together the best month of training since my 2013 marathon training so we will see.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Run Home

Burkey was keen to add some distance tonight so we ran the usual route down to Manly Wharf and then added a run up to Addison, along Bower and down to Shelley and back to the Wharf.

Cool and wet as usual so felt pretty good despite tired legs from tennis last night and running the last few days. Really feeling stronger on the hills these days.

18.2k in 1:33

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

HuRTS 8x5 minutes

5 minutes of running and 90s rest. I stuffed up the first one by calling a 1 minute rest. After that it went smoothly. Huge turnout - biggest in ages with some sunshine proving attractive. Cool though - 18-20 degrees.

Ran the Art Gallery Road option which makes it far hillier especially on the return leg.

Splits went 1.25k, 1.21k, 1.26k, 1.25k, 1.27k, 1.23k, 1.26k, 1.27k

Traffic was as bad as I have seen it and we were held up by a bus on the second rep.

10k in 40 minutes so dead on 4min/k - 3:55 on the final uphill rep was a good finish.

Did a cool-down with Quentin for 15.7k all up. 

Monday, 27 April 2015

Warrior Stairs

Feeling dusty after an afternoon at the Collaroy Hotel with Steve and Gail followed by a viewing of the London Marathon with the HuRTS boys. Great run by Sammy Agnew 2:51 while DK ran 2:58. I went home at 10:30 while Tom, Macca and Jimmy kicked on.

Took it pretty easy today and felt good for it. 2 sets of Butler and then 2 sets of PP stairs before the Beare Park intervals and strength stuff. Sensational day. Won't last sadly.

I'm a bit concerned Hoey is tapering for a 10k on Saturday.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Not as long as I wanted Sunday

Got out fairly early and met Burkey for a full beach front run down to Shelly and back to QC before meeting PJ at 7am at Manly Surf Club. 7k to start. We then ran the North Head loop with all the bush trails so it was very slow going. Finished at the Wine Bar for a coffee at 15.5k and then I ran back along the beach to QC again and back down College St to add 2 more k. Ran into Tom Macca, Craig and Justin and had another coffee at Emporio.

17.5k all up in 1:38 (said it was slow)