Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Warrior again

Felt good today. Raining and cool help. Finished first in the Warrior Challenge at the end which involved a run over the apartment block and then 2 sets of the PP stairs and back.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

HuRTS progressive tempo

Feeling much better today and it showed during the PT. Ran with Liam, Bill, Matt, Wooey, Mark and another guy for most of the way until CQ return where I suddenly pulled out a couple of 4 min ks and created a gap.

Ran consisted 4:40's, 4:30's 4:20's and then dropped it to 4s which helped me finish in 44:30 for 10.2k (4:22s)

12.6k all up.

St Mary's Warrior

I was still stuffed all weekend and did sweet FA. Ran at the back today feeling crappy. My HR kept spiking up leaving me puffing heavily and worried. Left early to make a 2pm meeting. Happily didn't die. 

Easy Friday

Very easy wharves run with PJ, Joe, Jesse, VB, Colin, Fabio (Fernando?). 10k in an hour

Alternate HuRTS Thursday

Thursday ran with Hoey over to Rushcutters and met JFen, Gus, Elle and Renee for some 450s. I was still feeling buggered and didn't really get any pace up at all.

pace varied from 3:20-3:35 which is pedestrian in 450 world but 7 is all I could manage.

10k all up.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Warrior Tombstones

Slightly jet lagged after returning from 8 days in the Maldives last night. 5 hour time difference still makes life uncomfortable.

Big turnout for the Warrior today unlike last time. I felt strong initially and then went a bit soft towards the end. The big stair run from the bus stop to the Pylon stairs for 8 sets with 15 push-ups between stairs had me finishing behind the Tank and Quentin - not too bad but my guts were feeling funny. Some calf raises and then another stair run: Tunnel of Love, down/up the Rocks stairs, 25 declines, up the Cumberland stairs and back down the Pylon stairs, 25 declines, finish at the Obbs Hill.

2 push-up, run, chin-up routines and I was happy to head home.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Warrior Tombstones

Very small group today of only 10 or so. Quite surprising given how warm it is. Felt a bit tired from the last 2 days and the cough was pissing me off but I still pushed hard on the 6 sets of stairs with 15 pushups between each one and the next set which involved a loop of the rocks stairs, Cumberland stairs, pylon stairs and 50 decline pushups with a couple of laps of the Tunnel of Love.

 8x3 pushsups a loop of the Observatory, 5 chins, 10 pushups, 5 chins and then repeat it all had me done with a 2pm meeting.

Felt much stronger buy the end.