Tuesday, 23 August 2016

HuRTS 14x3 mins

I've had a cold developing since Friday so wasn't feeling great. Decided to take it easy on the intervals and chat to Jono W who has been in HK for 3 months and just about to go back there for 2 more years.

Ran fairly easy doing 4:15s for 8 reps which felt pretty good. Decided to sit out the 9th and 10th in the sun and gauge how the body was feeling. Barts jogged by and talked me into an easy run with him over to Barangaroo instead. Ran nice 4:50 pace most of the way.

12.3k all up.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Muscle Beach

picked up Alec, PJ, Steve and Lach at 6:35 for the drive up to Muscle Beach. First one in ages and it was brutal as ever. Big turnout and lots of great banter. Steve did really well as the Rookie and the boys enjoyed themselves too.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Warrior Olympics part 2

Another fun session where I actually felt like having a go after yesterdays rest.

Started out with a Marathon around the Art Gallery, up the Butler Stairs, Through the hole in the wall down to Rushcutters. I started conservatively and ran through the field to narrowly miss beating Rakesh. We then had a game of touch footy - Australia vs ROW which ended in a nil all draw.

A steeple chase consisting of a 600m run, 10 chin ups, 15 pushups, and 25 situps then reverse the run saw me get the silver again behind PJ

By the time the 200m sprint arrived I was dusted and came in stone motherless.

Jog home was tough.

Message from the Head of the IOC (AKA the Warrior) detailing Day 2 highlights of the warrior Olympics

Well team congratulations on Day 2 of the Warrior Olympics, What a great denouement for this exceptional event, who would know the event, was only 4 years in the makings.

  • Unfortunately Jessie and Frank could not participate due to failing in their respective drug tests, however both are currently on a plane to Russia.
  • Events started with the brutal Marathon from the Art Gallery to Rushcutters bay, this event was dominated by Rakesh who was quoted as saying “Don’t let fear get in the way”, followed by Charlie and then Glen.
  • Seven aside Australia vs. ROW – Well I think it is fair to say never has a seven aside event attracted such a crowd, hanging on a knife edge with a nil all draw.  The bunker put the score down to poor handling, slow line speed and turnstiles in defence, what would they know.  The only constant in a world of change is Tax, death and an impartial referee.  Warrior kept this theory going providing the even keel in his high vis shirt
  • Next event – The relentless steeple chase / Iron May around the outskirts of Rushcutters bay park, who can forget the chin-ups, push-ups and sit-ups at the half way point.  This event won by Patrick due to his outstanding upper body strength honed by many sessions at Muscle beach on a Saturday. This was not a surprise given his form on day 1 – what a seasoned athlete.
  • The Penultimate Blue ribbon event - The egg and spoon race - the seven teams fought a close contest however it was corporal cheery team that prevailed this historic event.  Rumour is that Corporal Cheery was seen applying a resin type substance onto the spoon prior to the event – This is currently being reviewed.
  • The final blue ribbon event was the 200 metre dash – The Bolt of the group James got the double after having won the 400 on Monday he backed it up like the true champion he is.  With 10 metres to go he was running second and then smashed past Glen, it reminded me of Kathy Freeman’s finish in 2000.  James was probably the most outstanding athlete of the meet.
    Well done to all participants especially to my two helpers dragon and Corporal cheery and well done to the rookies for their efforts and welcome to team warrior.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Dumb Recovery Warrior Olympics part 1

Too nice to stay inside so I joined Warrior for a "recovery". Legs are sore and tired and I just tried to potter around. Warrior decided to up the intensity however making life very difficult. Completely buggered now.

Warrior Olympics consisted of an ironman, strongman, relay, stairs and 400m sprint. Ironman was a longish run which I just took easy. Stairs were a nasty 8minute stair set which was shocking in how weak my legs felt. Strongman consisted of how many push-ups you could do in a minute. I did 80 but Jesse claimed 92! We also had a partner we had to fireman carry and run with up a hill.

Message from the Head of the IOC (AKA the Warrior) detailing Day 1 highlights of the warrior Olympics


1.    Iron Man – Closely contested event with a Dead heat between Rakesh and the Tank;

2.    Weightlifting & Strong Man events - Jessie and Patrick  were the undisputed champions on the day with daylight between 1st and 2nd place;

3.    Stair / Steeple challenge – The Tank cruised into the finish line displaying his own version of the lightning bolt.

4.    Relay Event – This will need to be re-run next week and had the coordination of a 1C remedial PE Session from the 80’s.

5.    400Metre Sprint – James was the outright winner, making the second 400 metre event won by South Africa on the day

Athlete’s samples are being re-tested after an apparent mix-up with one athlete presenting a strange unidentifiable purple sample.

City 2 Surf 56:39

6:15 am ferry with the Manly crew and a quick bolt up to the bag drop that closed at 7am????

Felt really wired for that hour of the morning but was getting over it by the time the race actually started.

Had my best start ever I think this year. TKS and I manoeuvred our way up to 1 or 2 rows behind the rope and found ourselves with Sam J, Jaquie O, Pete W, Sonja, Mudge, Michael Y - pretty much everyone in HuRTS who didn't have a preferred start. When the rope went down I was right behind Burkey so I threw my top at his head. Usual carry on at the start. Lots of nervous chatter. Veronica's were there but didn't actually appear to be singing or anything.

Countdown 10-0 and we are off charging down William St. Everyone just seems to get swallowed by the crowd and I don't remember seeing anyone from HuRTS until the 12k mark. I made an effort not to look at my watch and just run by feel the entire way.

I felt like I was running within myself this year unlike 3 years ago when I was pushing the red line. That really reflected in my splits which show I was a good 40s slower to the bottom of heartbreak 23:59 vs. 23:19 in 2013. The climb out of Double Bay felt long this year which may have been a negative reflection on my fitness. My split up Heartbreak was 10s slower 7:02 vs. 7:12 and then I lost another 17s from the top to the finish. Not terrible but maybe reflects the fact that I felt like I was running alone. I probably needed someone to race or at least run with to keep me focused. There was no one that I was running with consistently which made it hard.

The clock at 10k said 41:25 and I was probably 15-20s faster on a net basis. Seeing that was a bit deflating but I knuckled down and did my best to bring it home quickly running the last 4k in under 15:30.

Passed Sam Johnson at around 12k which was surprising. He runs well ahead of me in training but just hasn't been able to run this race to his potential.

Crossed the line in 56:39 feeling like maybe I had some left in the tank. I overtook plenty in the final 400m so I probably could have gone quicker overall. I must be getting soft.

Mixed bag of results for the crew. Bruce, Ellie, Renee and Tom had absolute blinders and smashed their targets which were very well deserved. Hoey also had a blinder, taking some big name scalps and running to his potential on a course that should play to his strengths.

Jumped in the ocean post race (it was cold) and changed into some jeans then sat in the sun outside Tom's tent and enjoyed a couple of beers.

With Burkey and Tommy on the beach

Burkey, Craig Mc and I then had the bright idea of going to Watsons bay and catching the Manly ferry  from there rather than bus and train back to the city. Trouble was it took us an hour to run/walk there which was kind of funny. I was completely wrecked watching Harry's gala day in the afternoon.

20k all up by my calcs.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Too good to miss

24 degrees and too nice a day to not get out at lunchtime. Joined the Warrior crew for a Rushcutters run that included 3 sets of the PP stairs and a run up Loftus. A ton of push-ups and abbs broke everything up and I took the running easy.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Tapering sucks

Why do I go from feeling so good when I am training hard to feeling so crap when I back right off?

Ran easy today with Hoey and Wooey doing 5min/k around Farm Cove, MMC, Garden Island and back. Picked up the pace on the return leg at farm cove for about 600m before the OH gates. Felt like I was labouring a bit running say 3:45 pace and Wooey had no trouble floating along quietly by my shoulder.

10k all up in 49 mins.